AAA Insurance Company

by Michael
(Martinez, CA)

Customer Review of AAA Insurance Comopany

Customer Review of AAA Insurance Comopany

I have been with the AAA insurance company for about 5 years now. It is the only company I have ever been insured under.

I have never had to file a claim with them but I have had to call them for advice before when another motorist hit my car.

The other insurance company, I'm sorry I can't remember the name, they were some independent insurance company. They basically gave me the run around with paying me.

First they sent out a person to check out the car and I gave him my estimate for repairs. He said I should get a call back within the hour, which I never did.

The estimate for damages was about $2300 and the estimate of the car was a little over $2200 so what they did was sent me a check for $2300 with no accompanying paperwork or explanation.

So I waited a few days to cash it. About a week later after cashing it I get a form that should have accompanied the check saying oh yeah by the way you need to get a salvage title on your car. I looked at the post marked date and it said 2 days AFTER I cashed my check.

Any way I contacted my AAA Insurance Company and asked if it was common practice to do that and what would be the reason. The associate was very nice, he explained everything very well, apparently by me cashing the check it shows that I agree to the term and sum of money I received so I can't dispute it after the fact.

After trying to get through to the other insurance company with no luck I finally just gave up. As for AAA though I would recommend it since I have never had a complaint about their service and they seemed very honest and upfront about things.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for telling us about your personal experience with AAA Insurance and that other company. Too bad you can't remember the name of that insurer. It would have been interesting to know.

I guess you can be very thankful that you DID get your money back on your claim. You wouldn't believe how many times people don't. It's a real shame!

A "salvage title," for those who don't know, is usually required for vehicles that have been damaged to the point that it is considered "totaled" by the insurance company. In some states stolen and recovered vehicles are also issued a salvage title.

In your case, Michael, because the damages were more than 75% of the value of your car, that's why the insurance company sent you the letter saying that you need to have the title changed to a salvage title.

Obviously, it would have been nice if they would have explained that to you up front, but I'm glad that AAA Insurance Company was able to explain the details and all was settled satisfactorily.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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