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AAA Chicago Motor Club

Let's talk a bit about AAA Chicago motor club and the various options you have available for roadside assistance.

If you're a resident of northern Illinios, you may be looking for AAA roadside assistance in your area.

It's not surprising that you are already familiar with AAA because the American Automobile Association (AAA) was actually started/founded in Chicago more than 100 years ago.

Most people who have used triple A will tell you that it's a great motor club to be part of if you ever have an emergency on the road.

I've personally read heaps of positive reviews from very happy customers, but I've read a few negative ones, too.

From what I can tell with the negative reviews of AAA roadside assistance, it wasn't so much that that people were complaining about customer service staff, but rather some hiccups with the actual towing companies who came to their aid.

When I first started researching AAA Auto Insurance and roadside assistance, I was a little confused. It's easy to think of them as a company much like other insurance companies or motor clubs, but there is a twist.

The AAA Chicago motor club, in fact every AAA motor club around the country (there are over 40 of them), is an independently operated club and offers different products and services at different prices.

AAA roadside assistance is the most well-known service provided by Chicago's AAA motor club, but you can take advantage of their various discounts with local retailers, free maps and travel directions, and even auto insurance options.

When I used to think of roadside assistance programs, I generally thought "AAA" right away. They HAVE been around a l-o-n-g time, but there are some really great alternatives these days that you might want to look into before making your final choice.

  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance
  • AARP (provided through Allstate Roadside Assistance)
  • Best Roadside Assistance

Those are just a few of their competitors, and they are all pretty good. I'm partial to Good Sam, but I'd love to hear about your own experiences. Add your voice to our roadside assistance reviews.

Safe Driving!

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