A Turtle In The Road

by Jo

Watch Out!  There'a A Turtle In The Road!

Watch Out! There'a A Turtle In The Road!

I heard about this funny insurance claim from a co-worker. This is really true...

A Tractor-Trailer driver saw a turtle in the middle of the road. The driver swerved to avoid this poor turtle which was crawling slowly to go to the other side.

While swerving, the driver lost control of the heavy load and the tractor-trailer overturned. Tractor and Trailer were both totaled and the driver was injured.


Hi Jo,

My goodness, the poor man! You can tell he has a good heart to want to avoid crushing the little turtle, but his instincts were off, eh?

I wonder if he was new to the job. Some of those tractor trailer drivers scare me to death. They seem like they won't move out of the road for anything or anyone.

Wonder if the turtle survived the ordeal or got crushed after all. If he managed to survive unscathed, I bet the turtle didn't even appreciate the poor driver's sacrifice.

I also wonder what the insurance company thought? I bet they were less than impressed. Ugh!

I guess the big question is, "Why did the turtle cross the road?"

Sorry! I just couldn't resist. :)

Thanks for sharing this unusual yet somewhat funny insurance claim about a turtle in the road.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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