A House Hit My Car

by Hiedi
(Auburn, WA)

What's Left After A House Hit My Car!

What's Left After A House Hit My Car!

A house hit my car - an unusually bizarre and funny insurance claim!

Yes, once a house did hit my car! It took me 3 weeks of explaining it to my insurance company before they believed me. I had to fax, mail and drop off the police report at least 4 times as well, plus provide a statement from the moving company involved.

What happened: I was parked legally in a parking spot in front of a store. I had parallel parked, which as I said, was legal. There was a moving truck that took a wrong turn and went down the street I was parked on. He was moving half a double wide mobile home.

The driver took a wrong turn and instead of going down the correct wider street, he found himself on a narrow 2 lane city street. When moving house got to my car, the rear axle on the moving truck broke and the half of the mobile home he was carrying slide right on top of my car, totaling it. The mobile home remained undamaged.

The cops thought I was nuts when I called to say I needed a cop and why. Not only did I take tons of photos, so did the cops, the truck driver and everyone else that was around to see the damage!


Thanks so much for this strange and funny insurance claim! How many people in this world can lay claim to the fact that a house hit their car rather than the other way around?

Apart from natural disasters, not many, I suspect.

I'm just glad you weren't IN IT at the time! Praise the Lord for that!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us, and especially for rustling up a photo so we can see the damages. Just out of curiosity, which insurance company were you covered by that took you so long to get a helpful result?

Safe Driving!

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