A Helpful Lady

by Connie
(Everett, Wa. 98252)

Story Of A

Story Of A "Helpful" Lady Driver

I heard this funny car accident story years ago:

The man telling the story was unable to start his car and was looking under the hood, when a lady stopped to ask him if she could help.

He asked her if she had jumper cables and she told him no.

He then asked her for a push, explaining that he had an automatic, so he would need to be going about 30 mph to get it to start.

They lined up the bumpers and he got into his car. After waiting for a few minutes, he looked into his rear view mirror and saw the lady's car down the block coming toward him.

She hit him doing 30 mph! True story.


Hi Connie,

Oh my word! That's a riot! Unfortunately, I can actually see that happening.

I suppose the guys will all say that's more proof against crazy women drivers, but I think lack of common sense is pretty universal and not limited to the female of the species.

That's truly awful. It's lucky that neither of them were injured! Well, perhaps they were, but you didn't specify, so I'm assuming everyone was unscathed and just the cars were damaged (significantly, I'd bet!).

You gave me something to chuckle about today. Thanks again.

Safe driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

P.S. Anyone else have a funny car accident story or unusual insurance claim to tell us? We'd love to hear it. Share it here!

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