1st Assurance Insurance

by Don
(Springfield, Ohio USA)

Experience With 1st Assurance Insurance Of Illinois

Experience With 1st Assurance Insurance Of Illinois

This is my experience with 1st Assurance Insurance Company of Lombard, Illinois.

On the evening of Sept. 7th, 2010, at 1920 hours, I was traveling west on Inisfallen Street in Springfield, Ohio.

I had the right away on a thru street with a speed limit of 35 mph. I am always cautious on this street as many kids are often playing on the north side of the street.

As I approached Western Street, suddenly a vehicle shot across in front of me from the south directly in front of me. As I looked in total surprise, it was directly in front of me and I saw the driver door and front fender staring at me.

I had an instant to react of approximately 15 to 20 feet before collision. I immediately swerved to the right. They hit their brakes stopping in the west bound lane I was traveling in.

I barely missed their vehicle, but fully expected my left side to scrape them as I went by. I was applying my brakes, went over the curb on the north west side of the street striking a street sign, and stop sign, ending up in that yard gouging it from my tires.

My van didn't stall, and my first thought was they might try to run as we did not collide, even tho they had caused me to careen out of control. Fortunately, they didn't, and I pulled onto western street heading south in front of their vehicle.

The young woman had gotten out of the car as I did the same, and said how awfully sorry she was, but did not see me coming.

I said sorry wouldn't get it done as she pulled directly in my path. I then looked at the damage on my 1989 Ford Aerostar van. The bumper was mangled very badly, the headlight bezel broken with the headlight pointing almost directly down, with some damage to the hood.

An officer came and issued a citation to the young driver.

I was able to drive my van home where it sat till I was able to drive it to a body shop for an estimate which is $2,337.84.

Her insurance company is 1st Assurance Services, Inc. of Lombard, Illinois. My 1989 van was declared a total loss, which I agreed that monetarily it is. The problem is that my van is worth more than scrap junk value which is what they want to pay me.

It was in perfect running condition with working cruise control, working a/c, an interior looking in nearly new condition, and a working am/fm radio with cassette, with two front nearly new tires. They have offered me what amounts to about $550.00 cash money after they deduct all their deductions.

I certainly wouldn't sell it for that amount before the accident and most definitely not since the accident. They have been most arrogant and belligerent to the point of nearly accusing me of causing the accident by not having my car under control.

How much more control could I possibly had with 10 to 15 feet to react. Had I not swerved and hit them, the possibility of serious injury or even death could have occurred. Their insistence of the ridiculous settlement amount being the problem, I have filed suit in small claims court here in Springfield, Ohio, with a pending court date.

This letter is meant to inform you of the total incompetence of this First Assurance Insurance company and warn any one else against doing business with them.

-Don P.

Hi Don,

So sorry to hear about the dreadful experience you've had and the way you've been treated by 1st Assurance Insurance.

I'm very pleased to hear that you are refusing to let them bully you. I'm so sick and tired of how some insurance companies refuse to make fair compensation while they rake in the millions from premiums. It's a disgrace that it's allowed to go on.

I haven't heard of 1st Assurance Insurance Services before, and I can't really find much about them online.

When is your court date? Come back and let us know how it all turns out.

Good luck!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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