Geico Gecko TV Commercial

Geico Gecko TV Commercial

The Geico Gecko TV Commercial series has been shown on television many times throughout the years.

Geico keeps coming out with more and more variations of the geico TV commercial, and I love most of them.

The Geico gecko mascot, a Day Gecko that The Martin Agency invented, as well as a CGI critter produced by Framestore CFC actually became famous as a result of that Screen Actors Guild strike back in 1999.

They weren't able to use live actors at the time so they had to come with an alternative.


The Geico commercials have turned out to be a goldmine for Geico. Don't believe me? They wouldn't keep repeating the action if it wasn't making them money!

In the first commercial, where the gecko begs people to stop referring to him as a fault, confusing gecko with GEICO, he was voiced by Kelsey Grammer.

In the following commercials, the gecko speaks with an English (Cockney) accent, since it would be out of the blue, according to Martin Agency's Steve Bassett. Jake Wood, a British actor and comedian, is the present voice of the GEICO gecko.

In recent commercials the gecko's accent is more lower-class, maybe in an attempt to promote his human characteristics.

A current sequence of commercials depict a nature program host, obviously based on David Attenborough, trying to view the gecko and get footage, but not being successful. "'E's giving me the 'eebie-jeebies," the Geico lizard confesses.

So next time you see the Geico gecko commercials, keep your eyes open for other Geico tv commercials, as well. If you love the little gecko from Geico download commercials on YouTube much like these ones. There's a ton available, but I've added a few below for your enjoyment.

These Geico download commercials are adorable aren't they? If you are as taken with them as I am, you may want to get your own little Geico lizard mascot.

Here's a selection of Geico gecko TV commercial memorabilia and bits and pieces at eBay. You can find yourself a cute little item for your home or office to bring a smile to your face any time!

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