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Hit From Behind By A Cop!

I was just hit from behind by a cop! I was at a red light Thursday morning waiting to go and the light turned green. Everyone proceeds to go and out

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AXA Insurance Canada

Your AXA Insurance Canada brokers can help you with AXA car insurance quotes as well as other forms of coverage with the AXA Insurance Co...

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Roadside Assistance Programs

Are Roadside Assistance Programs worth the money? Which are the best roadside assistance companies? Discover how a roadside assistant can save you time, money, and aggravation when you really need

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New Driver Gets In An Accident

I guess a lot of new drivers get into accidents, but I'm still embarrassed by mine. I only had my driver's license for a couple of months when I got

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Side Swiped

I was side swiped! While exiting the freeway to the right onto a service road, a car in the left hand lane cut in front of me trying to make the exit.

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Whiplash Is Real!

I didn't used to think so, but whiplash is real! About 15 years ago I had to run to town for some errands. It was a late fall day and the sky was spitting

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Accident Lawyers - Good and Bad

Our Experience With Accident Lawyers - Good and Bad! My wife and I had been in some minor collisions while living in California and Hawaii. Lin had some

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Lost My Friend To A Drunk Driver

I lost my friend to a drunk driver about ten years ago: My friend and her family were returning from an outing when her car was hit by a drunk driver.

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Two Car Accident Stories

Texting gone BAD! & Slow down while riding bikes! Story 1 - Texting Gone Bad! I'm at my computer playing some games. It's a sunny day out and suddenly

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Hit By Drunk Driver

While living in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, we arrived home one Saturday afternoon to a message that five of our friends had died after being hit by a drunk driver.

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Car Accident Rates

Understanding car accident rates can help protect yourself from future potential accidents. By knowing which causes bring about most car accidents, you will have the necessary information to...

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Car Accident Procedure

Master the car accident procedure with these four steps in dealing with car accidents responsibly. Learn how to file a report and finding a car accident lawyer...

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Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

Motor vehicle accident statistics may shock you, particularly when you are looking at the stats on teen drivers. The risks are increasing and cell phone accident statistics play a...

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Teen Car Crash

The teen car crash rate is high. Teenage car accident statistics are alarming and frightening, but understanding the causes are the first step towards prevention...

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Car Insurance For Teenagers

Get car insurance for teenagers at a price you can afford by understanding the speial risks teens pose and how you can minimize the risk in the eyes of the insurer...

Continue reading "Car Insurance For Teenagers"

Drunk Driving Statistics

Drunk driving statistics offer facts about drunk driving, consequences of driving while intoxicated, as well as risks associated with DUI...

Continue reading "Drunk Driving Statistics"

Drunk Driving Penalties

Drunk driving penalties are necessary because these accidents happen every single day. It’s time to do something to prevent them. Find out how you can make a difference to help reduce...

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Drunk Driving Consequences

Discover the drunk driving consequences and how dangerous drink driving can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Is a drunk driving accident worth the risk?

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Drunk Driving Facts

Get the drunk driving facts. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents and car accident fatalities in the United States and has wreaked havoc especially on teenage drivers.

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Drunk Driver Destroys A Family Forever!

Several years ago, a friend of mine was involved in a car accident (result of a drunk driver) that changed her life forever. She was a young wife and

Continue reading "Drunk Driver Destroys A Family Forever!"

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